I am lucky enough to live near some beautiful countryside which I have the pleasure of enjoying with my lovely old collie cross dog. On Monday I had a day off and and we went off to the local National Trust land. It was stunning watching the sun come up over the hills.

Sunrise Dec 2012

This was taken on my iPhone, don’t they have amazing cameras?



I am hoping that writing a blog will encourage me take more photos so as my photos need some help I attended a photography course in the summer.

The course was held at Wisley Gardens which, if you love flowers and colour and texture, is the most amazing place to visit. The course was a bit about the theory together with some time spent in the gardens trying our own thing with the instructor giving us advice. Thankfully it wasn’t too complicated. I was quite nervous that I was too novice for the course and would make a complete nana of myself but there were a mixed bag of abilities. Yay!









Some of the useful things I came away with were:

• Practice makes perfect :-) Depth of field, composition etc is all a matter of keep trying (believe you me, I need to keep trying!)

• Taking a tripod with you for flower photography is a must if you want to have pin sharp focusing

• Always give a second glance before you take a shot to make sure that there aren’t any distracting branches, leaves etc. interrupting the shot (either that or complete a photoshop course!)

• Don’t be scared to take lots of different shots. It is trial and error before you get your eye in (oh and try and delete some of those before your PC overflows with rubbish shots!)

All of which make perfect sense but all of which I seem to forget at the crucial moment when I have the camera!

Of course I had to have a wee look in the shop afterwards. They really do have some beautiful wares in there. China and mouth-watering treats. Books and glassware. A huge selection of cards and wrapping paper that you might paper your wall with rather than wrap a pressie in. It was all soooooo tempting but I resisted :-)