Day 6 & 7 – Tools to covet and looking forward 4KCBWDAY6 & 4KCBWDAY7


I am taking part in the Annual Knitting and Crochet blog week kindly organised by Eskimimi Makes. Each day for the next seven the bloggers who take part are set a challenge to post about a certain crafty subject with the aim that we all stretch our blogging capabilities, meet new bloggers and find new inspiration.

Days 6 & 7 are (not only late!) but about a tool to covet and looking forward.

As I do only simple crafting I don’t have a huge “tool box” full of goodies. I use standard metal knitting needles and crochet hooks and that is about it. I do have a monster heirloom darning needle that my Mum has given me for sewing in my ends which I am quite proud of. Especially after a lady I met on a train to Devon (who owned a craft shop) even commented that it was a proper old-fashioned needle. Not sure what she meant by that, but I puffed up with pride anyway (freak I hear you say!!). But the one little tool that I love is my pair of sharp scissors. They are so sweet and bright and pretty. I love them.


Looking forwards I would really like to expand my knitting repertoire to some more complicated items. Like many people I think I would need to have a number of projects on the go for this to happen so I could still pick up a simple project when I needed something easy. But when my brain power isn’t too depleted I would like to have a go at cables, lace work and socks. I am rashly going to predict that I might try a sock by the end of the year. Watch this space!! Mind you I mentioned this to someone else and they said turning the heel was very difficult which dented my resolution a little. Ho hum….

I have loved these 7 days of being challenged to not only think about things differently but also to post in different ways. Big thanks to  Eskimimi Makes for taking the time to organise such a great blog week.

Spring Flowers II

I walked for just 15 minutes on Tuesday and discovered all these beautiful flowers and blossoms. It took my breath away.



Blues and purples….

blue and purple flowers

Yellows and whites….

Whites and yellows