52 weeks of happy (35 of 52)

Yay, I am actually posting during the right week. This weeks high spots have been….

Late summer days with bright blue skies to enjoy.

blue sky

A bowl of leftover fruit from a lovely family dinner with just a splash of cream and some blackberries that were so sweet that they didn’t need sugar.

fresh fruit

Just a couple of flowers that have survived the warm, dry summer.




My small hound enjoying his new bed. Now I was laughed at completely when I turned up with this huge bed (according to Pets At Home it is Airedale sized which is pretty big for my small collie cross!!) But he loves to be able to stretch out and be able to turn round a few times without falling off the edge of his bed so this fits the bill perfectly. (It is made of memory foam so it protects his poor old body a little more too). As you can see he certainly knows how take up as much space as possible :-)

big bed

Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie to celebrate the small, happy things.

Wahoo….the bright stripe cushion

I can’t tell you how much I completely love making cushions.


In fact, I think it is almost an obsession this year (yikes another on to add to the list!). I think it is because they don’t take too long to make so satisfaction is never too far away! Perfect.

I started this one back on holiday in June. Sitting in the sun by the sea surrounded by family. What lovely memories. It has then travelled with me through the summer days as I squeeze in an odd stripe here and there.

Sunny crochet

Two trips to Devon and a few snatched evenings sitting in the garden as the sun goes down with a G&T. Somehow the bright colours reflect all those bright, sunny days spent with it.

The inspiration was partly that I completely love these colours but also the scarf in the photo below which I wear at every opportunity.

Scarf inspiration

The only wee thorn in my side is that the colours are quite cool. So while it looks gorgeous in warm evening sun it does have the tendency to look a bit cool when in a cooler light such as the bedroom with the it’s white walls and bedding. I know the camera is compensating a little here but even to my eyes it looks different and somehow not how I imagined it. It isn’t that I don’t love it. Don’t get me wrong. I think I am just surprised about how the colours change in different circumstances. I shouldn’t be as I know from all these stripes that adding one colour next to another can make them look very different. It is all a learning curve as they say!


The details are Stylecraft DK in wisteria, sherbet and violet and Sirdar Bonus DK in lime. The cushion was a cheapo one from Tesco in a very pale cream. The stripes are just simple treble crochet with the order made up as I went along but with the aim of having a good colour balance to it.

Should I mention that I have just started another cushion? No I thought not……… ;-)