Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

I promised myself that this year I would learn to knit socks. However I have been assiduously avoiding the task since the strike of midnight on New Years Eve! So with the end of the year hurtling towards me at alarming speed I randomly selected Thursday evening to take the bull by the horns.

DPNs 2


All I can say is crikey, it caused some hilarity! It really does take some getting used to. I can also confirm that poking yourself in the eye with a pointy needle does really hurt. After a couple of hours, much swearing, much frogging and re-casting on and quite a bit of frantic searching on the old interweb to find the perfect instructions. (Eventually these ones worked well for me). I had absolutely nothing to show for my troubles! So I stomped off to bed in a sulk to consult youtube. Weirdly I kept waking in the night trying to work out where I had gone wrong too. Well something must have sunk into my subconscious as when I woke up at 6 the next morning it all came together and low and behold it worked :-)


The best piece of advice was not to worry about the needles that you aren’t working with and after a while you realise that they do just find their own space to hang in while you focus on the working needles. That is, providing your needles don’t slip out of your stitches which happened to me a fair few times!

Whilst floating on a high after this rather limited success I dashed off to get some sock wool in preparation for the big event. 2.5mm needles it said. I couldn’t begin to imagine that they would be this small. They look like toothpicks!


I purchased some rather natty wool so now I am all set! However I do seem to be procrastinating a little. I really want them to be perfect so now I am worrying about fit and gauge etc. What I really need to do is have a go. Only then will I know how the whole sock construction thing works. Shame they come in pairs really as I suspect the 1st and 2nd ones maybe substantially different……

flower power




52 weeks of happy (37 & 38)

Oh my goodness, my poor blog has been thoroughly neglected for the last couple of weeks. Not really sure why except that life has been a bit mad really.

There have been loads of happy things. Some I have photos of and some I don’t…….

Entering a few bits and pieces into the local produce show and managing to win some silverware (much more by luck than judgement :-) )

village show

Watching the Tour of Britain hurtle up a hill near me. It was all over in about 10 seconds but I was still proud to be there. Needless to say they were moving so fast that all my photos were blurred!TofB

The police and outriders seemed to be having a whale of a time as they whizzed past at speed honking their horns and sounding their sirens!

I have a new point and shoot camera so have been playing with that. I even read the manual. Yikes I must be getting old! The roses in the garden are having a a final fling before winter and look totally gorgeous, smell divine and make great models for my very inept photo taking.


pink edged rose

I bought some very cheap alstroemeria from a market stall. They turned out to be a fabulous bargain as they flowered for ages and ages. I wish I could find more as I love the colours.


There was a fab 70′s party where we all dressed up in our best 70′s flares and frocks and ate retro food. Never understood why prawn cocktail, fondue, chicken kiev, black forest gateaux etc went out of fashion. Bring ‘em back I say :-) . It was just girls and we had absolute scream as we pranced about in wigs and danced along to the movie Mamma Mia.

There was a wonderful 60th birthday party which was all posh frocks and black tie, yummy food and much dancing to an amazing guy on an acoustic guitar. Brilliant.

I have been working like a demon on all my WIP’s and have ideas for new projects as well  which makes me very happy. (I will share those on another post).

Much though I am already missing the long, warm and light evenings I am also enjoying the urge to hunker down in the warm, eating comforting food  and being cozy.

My small hound, as ever has been a complete joy. Here he is all tucked up as we were without heating for about a month just when it was a little nippy in the evenings.

all tucked up

I love this one even though it is out of focus. He had just enjoyed a blackberry and was sticking his tongue out for more!

sticking my tongue out

Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie to celebrate the small, happy things.