Sunrise and Sunset

I was thrilled to bits to be driving last night at just the time that the sun was setting. It was just beautiful. Sadly just a phone shot but still lovely. The light had a lovely misty quality to it.


This is a sunrise from a couple of weeks ago. The colours are so vibrant, they take my breath away.


The colours in every day life always make me smile.


I have to confess that I am very poor at taking myself out of my comfort zone. It scares me rigid. This applies to everything in life, whether it is the big life challenges or the small things like knitting. Which leads me nicely onto my last knitting challenge.

May I present to you the stranded mitts.

Mitts almost halfway

Now I would never have chosen to take on this challenge. In the round, thumbs and two pieces of wool at a time. It was enough to have me laid out on the floor in a darkened room. But I had to have a go as the pattern was gifted to me by a dear friend.

mitts back

So with lots of help from the dear old interweb, a number of books and some good knitting friends I managed to get going. And yes it was very challenging. And it did involve lots of swearing. But I did manage it and I am very proud of the result. The only thing that did bother me is that my tension between the to two mitts is very different. But hell, so what. Next time it will be better.

mitts palm

So now I just have to tackle the big life challenges which scare me so. If only they could be solved the same way as my mitts were.