Marching by.

Well goodness, gracious me. Where did March go! I can’t believe that the days and weeks flew by so fast. To that end this is a bit of a random post full of all sorts of bits and pieces from this month!

I had a wonderful trip to Devon where the weather was glorious for two whole days.


The furry one had a fabulous time.


I do love the fact that everywhere is so dog-friendly down there. Most of the shops and restaurants allow dogs in and they have dog bowls and treats.

I have had some lovely walks on the common with the furry one. The weather has given us some glorious sunsets :-)


I haven’t had much time for crafting although I have made another cushion for my mum.


This is a very simple solid granny square affair but I like it and so does Mum.

I finally had a little time yesterday to go out an about with my camera. The weather was terrible but the beautiful spring flowers still looked cheerful.

A pot of tete-a-tetes (no idea how to get the accents on that in WordPress!)


And beautiful primroses.


I have my fingers crossed for some lovely Easter weather so I can get out about more with my camera.

I do hope you survived the terrible wind last night. In a mistaken fit of organisation last night I sorted out all my cut flowers with the dead ones going in a washing up bowl outside the front door, ready for the compost. How I regretted that this morning as I leapt outside at 4am to retrieve it from halfway across the drive! Thankfully this was the only casualty, I know others did much worse.

On a sad note, yes more of my favourite blogs are taking a pause in their blogging journey. It is amazing how much I look forward to reading these little snippets of others lives. It is such a great way to learn of new things, whether it be places to visit, crafts to try, recipes to cook or so much more.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter :-)