Marching by.

Well goodness, gracious me. Where did March go! I can’t believe that the days and weeks flew by so fast. To that end this is a bit of a random post full of all sorts of bits and pieces from this month!

I had a wonderful trip to Devon where the weather was glorious for two whole days.


The furry one had a fabulous time.


I do love the fact that everywhere is so dog-friendly down there. Most of the shops and restaurants allow dogs in and they have dog bowls and treats.

I have had some lovely walks on the common with the furry one. The weather has given us some glorious sunsets :-)


I haven’t had much time for crafting although I have made another cushion for my mum.


This is a very simple solid granny square affair but I like it and so does Mum.

I finally had a little time yesterday to go out an about with my camera. The weather was terrible but the beautiful spring flowers still looked cheerful.

A pot of tete-a-tetes (no idea how to get the accents on that in WordPress!)


And beautiful primroses.


I have my fingers crossed for some lovely Easter weather so I can get out about more with my camera.

I do hope you survived the terrible wind last night. In a mistaken fit of organisation last night I sorted out all my cut flowers with the dead ones going in a washing up bowl outside the front door, ready for the compost. How I regretted that this morning as I leapt outside at 4am to retrieve it from halfway across the drive! Thankfully this was the only casualty, I know others did much worse.

On a sad note, yes more of my favourite blogs are taking a pause in their blogging journey. It is amazing how much I look forward to reading these little snippets of others lives. It is such a great way to learn of new things, whether it be places to visit, crafts to try, recipes to cook or so much more.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter :-)

2015. A word.

Well, 2014 passed in a flash and we are almost at the end of February too! How did that happen? Anyway before the new year is totally forgotten I wanted to write about the idea of having a word for the year. I came across the idea whilst catching up on some blogs (Welsh hills again and A Quiet Corner to name two). It isn’t so much a resolution but more just something to strive for.


After much thinking I decided on happy as my word for 2015. Someone I used to work with said how much I had changed over the last few years and it really made me stop and think. Inherently I don’t think I have changed as a person. I am still fun-loving, enthusiastic and as some would say, slightly dotty! But that side of me definitely doesn’t show itself so much these days. Somehow the trials and tribulations of the last few years have really squashed that side of me a bit so I laugh less and mess around less. I also seem to have been sleepwalking through the last few years. Not really making any decisions, just drifting and not really feeling alive.


So my mission this year is to find my happiness. Find the things that fill me with laughter and joy. The things that put a spring in my step. I am going to try and find something joyful in every day and really feel alive.


The photos are from a glorious walk along the canal with friends. It was wet and muddy and the dog loved it :-)