Blaze of glory

So, my love affair with colour continues with the sneaky purchase of more gorgeous yarn! I have been lusting after this wool for at least a year but have been keeping myself in check. But having finished my hitchhiker I decided that I needed a little treat to brighten up my week :-)


To be honest it is a strange thing as I would never have said that a mix of oranges, pinks and purples would ever have appealed but somehow the vibrancy just takes my breath away.

Close up

It also reminds me of these totally gorgeous sunsets so maybe that is the link.



Sunset 8th Dec

I haven’t decided what to make with it yet but I am leaning towards either another Hitchhiker (ravelry link) or a Baktus (ravelry link). There are some wonderful examples of both these scarves in this yarn so it is going to be a tough choice.

close up2

And this is the out-take where the flash came on and a small spotty nose appeared in the top left corner!


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am off to Paignton to run the half marathon. Fingers crossed that it stays fine :-)


I love colour, I really do. I find it inspires me on a daily basis. Sometimes it might be a display in a shop, sometimes a photo from my camera or sometimes a memory. Right now the colour aqua makes me go weak at the knees. It reminds me of a day at the seaside with the wind in your hair and taste of salt on your lips.

Please excuse the photos, the room is north facing so the colours aren’t quite true. It started with the aqua cushions and the aqua throw a few years ago. Then my gorgeous crochet cushion from last year. How that colour combination make my heart sing still :-)


Then I spotted this gorgeous piece of handmade glass artwork in a craft tent a few weeks ago. Each piece is individual which truly makes it special. You can see more items from Glass Relief here.


Then finally I spotted this gorgeous cushion in the next directory. Lovely.


Feeling the aqua love :-)