52 weeks of happy (34 of 52)

Week 34….how did that happen? I seriously don’t know where the weeks go. I do know that I have been very busy enjoying the last bits of summer though…..

A big pile of ends signifying the end of my Bright Stripey Cushion.


Home made courgette and Gruyère muffins. These are sooooo yummy and make a fab on-the-go breakfast. The recipe can be found here. I use a lot more courgette than they suggest but they still seem fine. I do recommend keeping them in the fridge though as the high water content in the courgettes means that they do go mouldy quickly if left out.


The most beautiful rose I passed when out walking. It was a very grey and wet day (last Saturday) yet this rose was so bright and vibrant. I especially love all the raindrops caught on the petals.


My dopey small hound who, with the choice of two beds, decided that he would sleep between the two! (Please excuse the floorboards, I am waiting for a new carpet!).

two beds

Oh how happy my small, sweet hound makes me every single day. I would be lost without him.

Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie to celebrate the small, happy things.