Over the bank holiday weekend I was dragged rather unwillingly to the Wings and Wheels event at Dunsfold. There was much debate about cloud base and intense studying of special aviation forecasts but with the promise that it really wouldn’t rain, it might even brighten up and some planes might even fly (!) I decided to go. Thankfully the weather cleared to leave a bright and breezy day :-)

There was an amazing array of planes ranging from old war birds from the 30′s to the Typhoon. I captured my favourite ones.

The Battle of Britain memorial flight. Every time I see them I get a lump in my throat. Thinking of all those brave men who fought so hard to keep our country the way it is. It is especially poignant that so many of them were so young.

battle of britain

The red arrows. They were breathtaking. They fly at only 8ft apart for some manoeuvres. It was heart in the mouth stuff.

red arrows

red arrows 2

The Vulcan. It costs £38,000 a week to keep it alive. Gulp. Incredible plane though. Amazing to think that it is 50 years old. It looks so modern.


I didn’t get a photo of the Typhoon but it was deafeningly loud and very impressive.

Three things made the day complete. 1) a  dominoes pizza from their stand. So naughty but totally yummy (they also warmed my heart as an older chap with a blazer and medals went up and didn’t have the right money but the very nice man behind the till said “not to worry sir” and gave him his pizza for a reduced price. Really lovely to see) 2) two glasses of Pimms in the sunshine and 3) I did take my crochet which made the dull moments ( and there were quite a few) bearable!