February Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Greenthumb for organising the Scavenger hunt. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has found.

Red – Valentines flowers. I do like the bright green chrysanths that break up the reds.


14 – try as I might i couldn’t find anything that was strictly fourteen so I present you with this which if you read from right to left is 14 ;-)


Kiss – naughty undies from M&S. Who’d have thought it :-0 (and yes I did get some odd looks when taking photos in the undies section)


Heart-shaped - I made this as a present for a friend. Very easy to do and very effective. The pattern can be found on the lovely Planet Penny blog


Frozen – shrubs that were being dripped on as the trees above thawed and then freezing again.


Park bench – a line of benches in Parc de La Cuitadella in Barcelona

Park Bench

Glass – beautiful stained glass inside Palau de la Musica in Barcelona

stained glass

Shopping trollies – outside my local Tesco

shopping trolley

Shadow – the shadow from a tree in the park at sunrise


Breakfast – this was the biggest croissant I have ever seen. Three times the size of a normal one. Yum. (Apologies for the photo quality, I had my nose and the camera pressed up against the shop window!)


A bus and something found nowhere else – oooh it’s a BOGOF here :-) a classic red bus going over Westminster bridge in front of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.



January Scavenger Hunt

I am taking part in the Scavenger hunt being run by Greenthumb at Made With Love. Surprise, surprise I am very late with my January post. Tsk. Tsk. It is also a mix of new and old photos as January seems to have slipped by a little too quickly….

Warm – my little bear modelling a hat I knitted.

warmCold – my road in the snow. I couldn’t believe how quickly the snow covered this road.


Sign – I spotted this in Greenwich in the summer when I was on the way to the Olympics  Made me giggle :-)


Food – another gratuitous shot of raspberry tart when skiing.


Twelve – my phone telling me that it is 12 o’clock and therefore a perfectly reasonable time to eat my sandwiches ;-) Also on the 12th of Feb (which only goes to highlight exactly how late I am with this…)


Produce – my fab Victoria plum tree with luscious ripe plums in the summer. It is really small and only produces about 6 plums at the moment but each one gives me such pleasure.


Blue – the sky when walking with my small hound.


Mailbox – this is on one of my country runs. I love the contrast of the dark green ivy and bright red.


A view – this is the sea in Devon just before Christmas. I popped down to see the very lovely Roger the Lodger and her family and we had glorious sunshine all weekend (plus lots of wine, home made fish pie and bacon butties. Yay!)


Reflection - sunset in the flooded fields.


Statue – this is in the centre of Petersfield. Completely rubbish shot with my phone but I hope you can make out that it is a shepherd with his sheep and collie wobble.

Statue 1

statue 2

statue 3

Door – this is the space where there used to be a door at the old Porth Wen Brickworks on Anglesey. Such an interesting place to explore and one that is slowly being returned to nature.