Crazy weekend

The weekend started in a very promising fashion with a boiled egg and soldiers and coffee in my favourite mug :-) ( Ooops, I couldn’t resist dunking a couple of soldiers before I took the photo…what a bad blogger!)

photo (5)

Then it was on to pick my friend up for an easy and traffic-jam free journey to Torquay (despite Glastonbury). However when we arrived it did look like a cloud had landed on the coast. It was the great British summer in all it’s glory.


The rain was absolutely unbelievable :-( But there is always a silver lining as it meant an afternoon spent relaxing with the paper and my knitting. :-)


It made a really nice change for both of us to be able sit down on a Saturday afternoon so it was actually a real pleasure. :-)

Finally the rain lifted a little and we set off to explore, find the car park we would use before the race and locate a nice bar for a glass of wine. I have to say that sadly we didn’t see the English Riviera in it’s best light. I am sure that with lots of glorious sunshine it would have looked a lot better! It also must have been amazing in it’s heyday when the upper echelons of Victorian society visited. I found some wonderful old photos here and here.

The one bright spot that caught my eye despite the torrential rain was this amazing row of beach huts. They were quite stunning and so beautifully looked after.


I can highly recommend here for tapas. I totally forgot to take photos as the food was devoured before I thought about it but I did snap the wine which is equally as important, as I am sure you would agree ;-) (aren’t those glasses lovely? I would love to get some like that.)


Sunday was spent running in very hot weather along a road that I could have sworn should have been flat but unfortunately for my poor legs was very, how shall I say it, undulating! But it was worth it.

torbay medal close up

Lunch followed with the lovely Roger the Lodger and her family in Pizza Express before we hot-footed it home. We crammed so much in that it felt like I had been away for a week :-) Perfect.

Right now…

….I am in my very favourite place.The place that inspired the name of this blog. A place where it truly is always blowing away the cobwebs :-) Ahhh, North Wales. My special place (see here for more).

It is so nice to spend time with my folks and the hairy hound. To step back from my crazy busy life and just relax. There is time for reading the paper, eating, walking, running every day and strumming away on my guitar plus, of course, a little knitting.

The sea is turquoise and the sky bright blue.


There is a little harbour full of boats.


There are National Trust properties to explore (Penrhyn Castle) with impressive towers, lush looking steps and intricate gates




There is Beaumaris with it’s beautiful houses, quaint shops and pier. Not to mention a cheeky plum and brandy ice cream ;-)


With the added bonus of a view of the mountains.


There are gentle sunsets.


And of course my beloved, hairy hound having fun by the sea :-)



How I love my gorgeous, hairy hound. So full of life and fun. I am so lucky to have another very special hound.