I always dread winter. The shorter days. The colder weather. The permanently cold feet. But I think it is more mind over matter than anything else. Admittedly I do miss the natural light in the evenings so my crafty endeavours do tail off a little but there is much to be grateful for especially in the run up to Christmas. I love the cosy feeling of tucking up at home with some good home cooked stew. (I can really recommend this book). The pretty lights in all the towns and the beautiful shop windows. Going for a cold run and coming back tingling all over and ready for a nice coffee. But most of all I love the fact that mother nature does her best to keep us chirpy during these darker days with

….beautiful sunrises…

Sunrise 5th Dec

….and glorious sunsets…

Sunset 8th Dec

both taken from the bedroom window. Hurrah!

I was really surprised to find myself reaching for my camera when I saw these skies. I hope it means that my blogging mojo is coming back :-)