Day 4 – Colour review – 4KCBWDAY4


I am taking part in the Annual Knitting and Crochet blog week kindly organised by Eskimimi Makes. Each day for the next seven the bloggers who take part are set a challenge to post about a certain crafty subject with the aim that we all stretch our blogging capabilities, meet new bloggers and find new inspiration.

Today we have been tasked with thinking about our favourite colours and seeing how this relates to finished projects, the yarn stash and our House (in my case the House of Manatee).

This task was a real eye opener for me. I know the colours I completely love and I know I am completely predictable with them. They are purples, blues and greens. If something has this combination then I know I just have to have it. It could be a new tea towel, a ball of self striping yarn, a t-shirt, a bag. It doesn’t matter, it will be going to the till with me and being smuggled guiltily home! I also love anything in pastels. Soft greens, pinks, aquas, yellows and blues. The colours of spring. Fresh and pretty.


But, surprisingly,  I have actually only made two items in these sets of colours. One is my Attic24 flower garland and one is my hitch-hiker scarf (WIP). I guess mostly because I have made quite a few things for other people so have used their choices. But also because I am very aware that if I give free rein to my colour needs then EVERYTHING would be purple, green and blue :-) Flower garland

My stash is a different matter though. It is full of all my favourites just waiting for that perfect pattern to leap out at me (and also some completely random bits and pieces that have been on sale and seemed like a good idea at the time!). I have a sneaky feeling that I like having them in my stash just so I can just pull open that drawer and get a visual high from all those gorgeous yarns in one place :-) Weird I know.


Finally I think my colour choices reflect the House of Manatee perfectly. They are all calm, restful colours that soothe the soul. :-)