The Weather….

….always a fail-safe topic of conversation (or even the subject for a blog post!)! I often wonder where us Brits would be without it. I know I will always resort to it if there is a slightly long pause in conversation but then I spend a lot of time outside dog walking, kayaking and running so I suppose that, for me, it really is quite important :-)

Which leads me nicely onto the photos I want to share. When I was checking my camera I couldn’t believe these two photos of exactly the same spot. The floods before Christmas really were breathtaking.


But sadly the endless rain has meant there have been few opportunities for stunning sunrises on a frosty morning. These were taken a little while ago on one of the only very cold mornings of the winter that we have had so far.

Frosty Sunrise

Frosty warmth

And this is the only slightly pretty sunrise that I have managed to catch in the park.


Fingers crossed there will be more cold and frosty mornings before Spring arrives.

The weather in Wales

Gosh, already a month has flown by since my last post. It has been a very mixed month with most of it spent trying to keep my head above water. But I would like to share some of the beautiful moments I had while away on Anglesey in October. The weather was very mixed with glorious sunshine one moment and then crashing storms the next. It made for an interesting week! The nicest thing is knowing that the weather is always driven really quickly by the strong sea wind so if a day starts off wet then it very rarely stays that way all day.

Blue skies. It could be spring :-) (one with a very wonky horizon. Clearly wasn’t paying attention!)IMG_1097


Stormy grey skies.


Storms over Snowdonia.


There was also this amazing storm. The light was just stunning with the land lit by vivid shards of sun against the steel grey storm clouds behind.

the calm before the storm

Which led to a rainbow.

Brilliant rainbow

or two.

double rainbow

There were beautifully lit clouds as the sun dropped below the horizon.

Stormy skies

pink sunset

And wonderful warm sunsets.

orange sunset

It sounds daft but couldn’t believe how much further round the sun sets at this time of year. It is just not something I notice when I’m home.

I thoroughly love the spring and summer in Wales but the weather in the Autumn was quite something and I would definitely go back at this time of year again.